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Gibb River Road – Part 6 (South again to Drysdale and back to the Gibb)

The road back south was uneventful but painful as we had to relive the corrugations between King Edward River and Drysdale station. The Mitsubishi Pajero was feeling it too, as the windscreen cracks spread towards my view, and then the dashboard started playing up. First the speedometer stopped working, then the fuel economy gauge started climbing every minute until it hit 99.9l per 100km. Amanda was stressing that we wouldn’t have enough fuel to make Drysdale but unless we were leaking (a quick check discounted that) the other readings of range and the fact the fuel tank gauge was ok, led me to think it was an electronic problem (loose wire with the corrugations?). When the engine warning light came on I had to pull over and look it up in the manual. “Blah blah …. you should still be able to drive for a while. Get it checked up as soon as you can” sounded good to me as the Pajero was still running fine. Then the odometer stopped working!
I wasn’t prepared to drive beyond Drysdale after a long day’s drive and the bar was beckoning (yes there was a bar there with Sydney prices).

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The next morning a cattle egret came looking for frogs in our washing tub at breakfast. No matter how patiently it stood on the rim peering through the soapy bubbles the frogs didn’t show and it moved on after fifteen or more minutes. I was hoping it might have helped the washing up but without opposable fingers it would have been hard. A quick look at the other campsite, called Miners Pool was much more tranquil and less crowded by the river, but without the facilities 2km back at the station.
Back on the GRR we had a look at some rock art with crocodiles then headed north and east again. Lots of finches, rainbow bee-eater, and other birds were here in and amongst the pandanus and other trees that line the riverbanks.
We drove on past more carnage on the road starting with a boat trailer that had collapsed. Its owner patiently sat in his car awaiting the recovery truck. On the unsealed roads they charge by the hour and a car that had broken in half near Kalumburu had cost over $5,000 to tow to Kununurra for repairs. Then we saw Marty with a flat tyre. We pulled over to assist, though he had it all under control and he was soon off again. As we helped the recovered boat and trailer passed us on the back of the recovery truck. Five minutes further down the road he had stopped to pick up two people who had taken a corner too fast and ended up hitting a tree. They took their belongings and rather glumly climbed into the cabin of the truck.
The Gibb River Road, like any other unsealed road needs to be driven carefully, with tyres sufficiently deflated for better grip on the rough surface, and watching your speed as loose gravel on some of the corners are like marbles allowing little traction in places. “Drive to the conditions” is the best advice we continually heard to avoid mishaps.
Late in the afternoon we drove into Home Valley Station on the Pentecost River. The drive down the hill to the station turn-off commands spectacular views of the Cockburn Ranges and at sunset the colours on the cliffs turn many shades of red.

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Exemplary Customer Service in Perth

We had to head to Perth to get the Pajero and Camprite trailer serviced before we commence the journey north and possibly the most eagerly awaited part of our trip. Both have performed excellently to date but I had a list of items to follow up with for both.

I wanted to ask further questions about the problems with had with fuel consumption in South Australia and had been tipped off about possible carbonisation of an inlet manifold. We had also recently become aware of a recall notice on the model. I finally wanted to resolve the issue with our towbar being too low, and Mitsubishi Melville instantly gave me confidence with their understanding of each issue and ability to address them. We also needed to perform a tyre rotation having just clocked another 10,000km.

The Camprite trailer went in first and it was great to meet the team in person, as we had only had spoken by phone from the east coast. Matt patiently listened to my list, had a quick look at the trailer and spotted a couple of things we had missed, again assuring that they were all fixable. We left it in his capable hands and I took the boys to SciTech in the city.

The next day was the Pajero’s turn. They kindly agreed  to complete the service by 2pm (so I had time to pickup the trailer on the other side of the city) and went through my list of items. They couldn’t put in a second battery, but I was less concerned about that. Phillip from Mitsubishi drove me back to the house, where we were staying and also picked me up promptly at 2pm. Everything was fixed up and the spare tyre lift meant we were set to fix our towbar issues.

Being the afternoon before Easter holidays, traffic crossing town was heavy and Matt at Camprite was patiently awaiting our arrival to pick up the trailer. It looked like new! Our damaged rear steps had been replaced with the new design and all the other items on the list had been addressed, leaving us a little time to fix the towbar. Matt optimistically thought it would be a quick reversal of the towbar, but that proved more difficult requiring some heavy duty hardware and hammering for quite a while to remove. Reversing it didn’t solve the issue as the tongue was not long enough so Matt quickly drove up to get one. He returned empty-handed and we jumped into the car at 4.40pm to try a different place. Success!

The tongue then needed machining the edges of the tongue to allow it to be inserted easily – more time passed.

Finally by 5pm the job was complete, Matt was still smiling, but we were so grateful that he had stayed back to help prepare us for the next stage of our journey.

Thank you very much Camprite – your attention to detail was probably the best we have ever encountered and thanks also to Melville Mitsubishi for your prompt, friendly and efficient service.

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Leaving Adelaide

Adelaide was a very welcome change of pace. We spent some time on Glenelg beach with friends Amanda, Dan and their kids, and caught up with our new friends we met in Stokes Bay, James, Liz, and their kids. Xavier kept leaving items of clothing and hats behind (possibly intentional) so we kept returning to collect them giving the kids further time to catch up.

Kids at Stokes Bay, KI

Kids at Stokes Bay, KI

We needed to give the Pajero a 150,000km service and our close friend, Deb, from Sydney insisted we stay with he parents Michelle and Ken for our last two days as it was near the garage, and we were very grateful once again for the hospitality.

Pigs in Rundle St RundleStMall

Being close to the city we decided to visit some of the sights. Amanda was keen      to revisit Central Markets so that was our first stop in the city. Tasting the produce was the order of the day and with our senses tantalised we then caught the tram to Rundle St Mall, watched some buskers, and headed to the museum.

Adelaide museum has to be one of the best we have ever visited ! Not only is it free entry but the exhibits are immaculately presented. The kids even managed to get on a holiday session on how to prepare butterfly and insect specimens. They got to pin their own butterflies and take them home. Whilst they were doing this I explored the Aboriginal, and Pacific galleries. The kids loved all the South Australian fauna sections and the information centre was quite hands on with items to place under microscopes, live creatures and some extremely enthusiastic staff who were very interested in Xavier’s fossilised whale tooth, that unfortunately we had neglected to bring with us. They did think from the photos though that it could be a sperm whale.

Before we knew it the car was serviced and it was time to move on again

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Boat Harbour

Our first stop at Boat Harbour was a relatively short drive west from the port of Devonport. Our camp couldn’t have been closer to the sea! We are all loving the NW coast of Tasmania, the kids are keen fossickers, scouring every shoreline for treasures.

Our second day there saw Fifty Toes take on the challenge of the Stanley Nut, a large volcanic lava plug that dominates the port of Stanley. A very steep walk, rather than chairlift saw us at the top in 10 mins. Different lookouts grant you a mutton bird’s view of the town below, where filming was just about to commence for a movie called “The Light Between Oceans” based on the book. We found our first Pademelons (tiny wallabies) in a little forest up there, dozens of them squatting below the bracken. We explored the harbour, then headed inland to explore some of the roads less travelled on the edge of the Tarkine forest. These ancient forests are full of giant trees, tree ferns lining the roads, and the humidity allows a fecundity of mosses and ferns to cover dead and living trees. The kids loved the first river crossing!

On the way back we did another detour to see Little Dip Falls and the Big Tree (it was big and impressive).

The evening treat was another drive east to Burnie, on a tip-off from or neighbours, to see the penguins coming in to feed their chicks. What a great end to the day to see the little blue penguins hopping out of the ocean and up to the chicks who were sitting in their nests only metres from us, and in some cases below the boardwalk we were standing on.


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Change of Plan!

With Mt. Kosciuszko off the menu for now we’re heading for the lowlands and warmer conditions. My goose-down sleeping bag had a fatal rupture when I got in at Yarrangobilly and by morning the inside of our Camprite Trailer looked like a snow-scene with everyone covered in and inhaling goose feathers, The weight of the car and trailer on some of the off-road tracks in the mountains had guzzled petrol, and was giving the breaks a good workout so we decided to leave the Alpine region and head down. Into Victoria now the Alpine Highway gave us a direct route south, through verdant green countryside. Every now and then we stop for the cows, who when not being herded to the next paddock, are grazing the long grass by the verge. I’m not sure how effective a deterrent it is but dead foxes are strung up by the side of the road making quite a macabre spectacle.

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Yadboro flats

Driving on from Pigeon House mountain we stopped at Yadboro flats by the Clyde river. The road had just been graded so everything was covered in dust. After the exhausting climb in the heat cooling off in the river was the best end to the day. Next morning we were up at 6am looking for wombats and found one scrambling around the river bank 50m from the camp. Then we found an ornate satin bower bird building it’s display bower, intricately decorated with blue objects and yellow flowers. A great place that we could have stayed longer at.

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It’s arrived – the TX-6 Camprite lands

The beautifully made Camprite TX-6 arrived today, with the NSW rep, Colin giving us the introduction, and showing us how everything works. We’re very happy. Given it is squeezed into the front yard it’s a bit tricky to get good photos but here are a few. A few people have already dropped in to check it out.

It took us about 15-20 minutes to put up once Colin had gone, and we’ll be practising many more times before we go. The logo stickers are now on the car so with 7 days to go things are falling into place. The next few days we’ll be packing then the fun will begin when we drive out of Sydney and start heading south.

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Trip Planning

My trusty Australian Geographic Map of Australia (for Travellers & Dreamers) is undergoing serious scrutiny at the moment. Even the kids are getting into it putting their suggestions on coloured post-it notes (one of Hannah’s suggestions – “Perth – lots of swans”)

Map of Australia for Travellers & Dreamers - to keep us focused.

Map of Australia for Travellers & Dreamers – to keep us focused.

We have 3 weeks planned in Tasmania from mid Nov, Christmas booked in Kangaroo Island, so we’re filling in the gaps between departure and January. We’ll be starting the adventure in Green Patch, then a practice climb up Pigeon house mountain, before we make an assault on Mt Kosciuszko a couple of days later. That’s our first challenge, so if you have any others please send them in and we’ll consider them. Just remember we have 3 kids 6,7, and 8 and the challenge has to be done by all as a team.

From The Snowy Mountains we’ll be making our way to Wilson’s Promontory to do Challenge # 2 – to visit the most southerly point of the Mainland at South Point (guess what 3 other related challenges are?). That one might be a bit challenging getting the kids to hike 16km.

We then will head up the Great Ocean drive, through the Coorong, towards KI, with a few stops no doubt in the Coonawarra, for refreshments of the Cabernet variety.

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New School for the kids & last mod to the car complete!

The kids got to meet their new teachers today, and picked up their school bags, first learning packs, and are very excited by the prospect. Sydney Distance Education Primary School (SDEPS) will be sending us work packs regularly which the kids fill out (4hours a day) and return every fortnight for marking. The curriculum will move to more electronic means next year when we can do more work on iPads. Looking at the packs we were very impressed with the quality of content – we even get a craft pack for them to use for some of the activities

The Anderson plug fitting was completed today on the Pajero too so the car is ready for action.

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New Branding!

My good friend Greg, from Aquarius Design Solutions has updated the Fifty Toes Walkabout branding for the car.

Here is the new look – let us know what you think – they will be stuck to the side of the car so you can say hi and toot your horn if you see us!


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