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Turon Gates, NSW

A storm the previous day had blocked the entry with a fallen tree, but our arrival was well timed as we were told the men with chain saws had recently left. Approximately 3 hours from Sydney and just over half an hour north of Lithgow, a rather rugged track leads you to Turon Gates.

The dirt road takes you up into the wooded forests, down to the river, crosses wooden bridges and past wooden cottages before you reach the camping area. Horses, geese, kangaroos and chickens fill the grounds, and though we saw none freshly dug wombat burrows belied their presence and platypus inhabit the river.

Our travelling friends Simon, Hillary (110 around Oz) and family had organised another gathering, this time with the promise of horse-riding for the kids. Five vehicles and plenty of kids camped next to a river meant the adults could kick back and relax in front of a roaring campfire. Simon very quickly set up a spit over the fire and we left the pork turning to climb the nearby Devils Climb, a steep path up to the ridge behind the valley, commanding views either side of the ridge. With the peak conquered and a healthy appetite, a dinner of spit roast pork and potato bake was very welcome. The riverbank was searched by the kids and a crossing was attempted but the cold rushing waters repelled their best efforts.

A hearty bacon and egg breakfast the following morning set the kids up well for their riding and some very tired kids quickly fell asleep on the return journey. We’ll be going back again for sure, in fishing season, and in summer when it’s warm enough to swim.

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