The Big Twenty Five (“Must See”) Australian Animals

As we started our travels and began seeing so much wildlife we decided it was time to get serious. Africa has the big 5, but Australia can do better than that and here is our Fifty Toes list – the Big Twenty Five animals to see in Australia. We saw most of them, got photos of many but unfortunately we missed the whale migrations. Surprisingly too we didn’t encounter any of the wild camels that proliferate throughout the centre of the country. Let us know what you think of the list and any we may have missed for next time.

First of all we need to complete the list and welcome your suggestions :

  1. Humpback Whale
  2. Southern Right Whale
  3. Common Dolphin
  4. Australian Sealion
  5. Australian Fur Seal
  6. Emu
  7. Kangaroo/Wallaby – take your pick which variety
  8. Wombat – either species but bonus points for the rare hairy nosed one
  9. Echidna
  10. Platypus
  11. Koala
  12. Saltwater Crocodile
  13. Camel (ok not native but it is big)
  14. Cassowary
  15. Goanna
  16. Venomous snakes (take your pick from the world’s top 30 most venomous, many of which are from Australia)
  17. Tasmanian Devil
  18. Freshwater Crocodile
  19. Whale Shark
  20. Thorny Devil
  21. Dingo
  22. Dugong
  23. Otway Carnivorous Black Snail (yes a carnivorous snail – that’s why it’s on the list)
  24. Brumbies
  25. Water Buffalo




2 thoughts on “The Big Twenty Five (“Must See”) Australian Animals

  1. Roy

    Blue-tongued skink


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