Change of Plan!

With Mt. Kosciuszko off the menu for now we’re heading for the lowlands and warmer conditions. My goose-down sleeping bag had a fatal rupture when I got in at Yarrangobilly and by morning the inside of our Camprite Trailer looked like a snow-scene with everyone covered in and inhaling goose feathers, The weight of the car and trailer on some of the off-road tracks in the mountains had guzzled petrol, and was giving the breaks a good workout so we decided to leave the Alpine region and head down. Into Victoria now the Alpine Highway gave us a direct route south, through verdant green countryside. Every now and then we stop for the cows, who when not being herded to the next paddock, are grazing the long grass by the verge. I’m not sure how effective a deterrent it is but dead foxes are strung up by the side of the road making quite a macabre spectacle.

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One thought on “Change of Plan!

  1. Trace, Rob & Marli

    Sounds like you were dreaming of a white Christmas with all those feathers… would have looked like snow!


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