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Tidal River, Wilsons Promontory

Back at the campsite the wildlife has been going berserk. The kids finally crashed after the marathon walk and we sat out to watch the sun set and enjoy a well earned cuppa. Within seconds crimson rosellas descended upon Amanda, playing a tactical game where one posed prettily, whilst its partner walked around biting toes and ankles. As soon as they departed the armies of wombats started emerging from the bushes. Across the whole campsite they emerge in hordes, munching their way through the undergrowth, even checking out eskies for any quick snacks.

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Fifty Toes complete the first challenge

Our good friends Pete and Zoe set us the challenge to go to the four compass point extremities of the mainland. South Point is the most southerly. From the Telegraph Saddle car park it is a tough 16km walk to the Roaring Meg campsite then another 3.7km to South Point from there. The kids carried their sleeping bags and 3kg of water in their packs and off we went. The first few kilometres flew by (it was mostly downhill), but as we started climbing the hill approaching Halfway Hut little (and big) legs started slowing in the heat of a beautiful day. A brief stop at Halfway hut before continuing the climb. The last few km through heathland and down into the forest at Roaring Meg were a pleasure, though a few too many snakes were spotted for my liking (nearly trod on one myself). We set up camp at Roaring Meg, dropped the packs and continued the descent to South Point. There we were welcomed by a calm crystal cobalt blue ocean, the waves lapping gently up the rocks. Hannah got to pose with her favourite dog (toy one) who was smuggled into the park and my pack.

After an hour or so there we trudged back to camp completing almost 24km in a day, with barely a complaint from the kids. Despite mild conditions there was a distinct wintery atmosphere inside one of the tents in the morning as my goosedown sleeping bag continued its fatal rupture. One sneeze (and there were many) unleashed a snowdome effect.

The return trip was slower  and sore but the kids made it with flying colours and much enticement with muesli bars and the promise of treats at the end.

We think that was the hardest of the 4 compass points and 40km in two days for kids aged 6,7, and 9 was pretty impressive.

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