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Lake St. Clair

Heading south from Trial Harbour we didn’t stop long in Strahan and pressed on to Lake St Clair. Parts of the highlands reminded us of the Alpine regions in NSW, though between the forests emerged plains of tussock grass and heaths that were blooming in pink and yellow (gorse). Every road we drive has spectacular spring blooms. The standout on this leg was the deep red waratah that is interspersed in the forests approaching Lake St. Clair. The lake is the deepest in Australia at almost 200m, and with the altitude has very cold waters, a perfect place for Xavier to attempt the class challenge swim in Australia’s coldest waters.

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After eight, yes, eight Weetbix for breakfast he donned a spring suit and jumped into the icy waters, emerging after the agreed one minute timeframe. Job done he even volunteered to take his brother in for a second time.

We thought the campground was a bit pricey for what it offered and when each shower costs a dollar on top of that you’d expect they would be prepared to change money, but it was only done reluctantly. Time to move on to better places.

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Postcard from Hannah

Hi Guys

I have been having a good time. I am going to Hobart soon and we are getting a special surprise and it is staying on a farm for two nights. Today we swam in the deepest lake in Australia, Lake St.Clair, also one of the coldest waters to be found. In Boat Harbour it looks like the water is crystal clear.

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In Burnie we got a special surprise looking for penguins and we found some. I saw the first penguin and it was a chick in its nest. The penguins were little penguins, or fairy penguins.  On the Spirit of Tasmania I saw the movie BoxTrolls. The movies were for free.

At Trial Harbour we saw my favourite animal. We saw a ……….Tasmanian Devil!!! It was so cute but it was awesome because Tasmanian Devils are endangered and I saw one. Luckily my Mum woke me up to see it.

Does anyone have any challenges for me or the family? I would love to hear from you

From Hannah


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Trial Harbour (Heading south)

Trial Harbour with Whale bones

Boys behind Whale Bones at Trial Harbour

Disappointed with our lack of Tassie Devil sightings at Arthur River we headed south towards Strahan, deciding on advice from the rangers to stop at Trial Harbour. This quaint little village used to be a tin mining village but even now has a scattering of houses and shacks behind the dunes. The history room has a fascinating collection of minerals, animal bones, bottles and memorabilia from the mining days. Well worth a visit for a donation to the flying doctor service. Once again we found Tassie Devil footprints on the beach! Back at the campsite we tucked into chicken fajitas followed by marshmallows cooked on the campfire. The kids went to bed, while we sat and watched the stars and listened to the ocean. When Amanda went to bed she let out a shriek as a Tasmanian Devil was at the trailer tucking into the rubbish. In a mad flurry, this Devil was going to disappear quickly we tried to rouse the kids, get cameras and stop him taking the rubbish away. All I could muster was a couple of shots from the phone camera and Hannah and Oscar blearily appeared to glimpse him lope off. Success at last!

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Tarkine Drive

We decided to head inland and explore some of the forest via the Tarkine Drive, but with a few detours up some less worn tracks. The kids loved some of the bushwalks, and the walk to Wes Beckett Falls was fun, with steep drop-offs.

As the day drew to a close we diverted to Marrawah to look for fossils in the limestone at Ann Bay. We took a different road and found an interesting aboriginal site at West Point where women used to hide in depressions, built into the boulder strewn beach, waiting for seals to come onto the beach.

More spotlighting back at camp but still no Tassie Devils!

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Postcard from Xavier

Hi Everyone


Thanks for all the challenges you have sent. Here is what we are going to try to do :

  1. We are going to jump into the coldest water in Australia in Lake St. Clair, Australia’s deepest lake

  2. Name 10 wombats

  3. Photo evidence of patting an animal (we have missed a couple of photo opportunities already with echidnas and pademelons

  4. 10 Tassie devils might be hard – but we’ll see what we can do

  5. Find twenty plants

  6. Sleep outside

Earlier on this week in Tasmania we saw little penguins. Tasmania has been my favourite state so far because it has lots of wildlife. I haven’t seen a Tassie Devil yet but I have found footprints. Dad thinks he saw a feral cat. I got really surprised at the number of English animals that live here e.g. hedgehogs, blackbirds, sparrows, starlings. We have only seen squashed hedgehogs so far.

I have been enjoying all the lovely fires each evening because it is a bit colder down here and very windy. The sand is different here because the sand grains are bigger and the waves have been really rough on the west coast. They can get to 20m high in storms. I have found many crabs in the seaweed with algae on their shells. Most of the places we have visited have crystal clear seawater. I found loads of bones from animals like ringtail possums jawbones, pademelon hip bones and lots of other small bones.

I love your messages – please write to me via this blog

My challenge to 3L is for you to keep sending me messages. Hope to hear from you soon

See ya next time,



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