Postcard from Xavier

Hi Everyone


Thanks for all the challenges you have sent. Here is what we are going to try to do :

  1. We are going to jump into the coldest water in Australia in Lake St. Clair, Australia’s deepest lake

  2. Name 10 wombats

  3. Photo evidence of patting an animal (we have missed a couple of photo opportunities already with echidnas and pademelons

  4. 10 Tassie devils might be hard – but we’ll see what we can do

  5. Find twenty plants

  6. Sleep outside

Earlier on this week in Tasmania we saw little penguins. Tasmania has been my favourite state so far because it has lots of wildlife. I haven’t seen a Tassie Devil yet but I have found footprints. Dad thinks he saw a feral cat. I got really surprised at the number of English animals that live here e.g. hedgehogs, blackbirds, sparrows, starlings. We have only seen squashed hedgehogs so far.

I have been enjoying all the lovely fires each evening because it is a bit colder down here and very windy. The sand is different here because the sand grains are bigger and the waves have been really rough on the west coast. They can get to 20m high in storms. I have found many crabs in the seaweed with algae on their shells. Most of the places we have visited have crystal clear seawater. I found loads of bones from animals like ringtail possums jawbones, pademelon hip bones and lots of other small bones.

I love your messages – please write to me via this blog

My challenge to 3L is for you to keep sending me messages. Hope to hear from you soon

See ya next time,



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6 thoughts on “Postcard from Xavier

  1. Great Aunty

    Xavier this is a wonderful post, you must be having sooo much fun. Here is a challenge to find the native waratah, it only grows in certain areas of Tasmania, AND to take a photo.
    Loved ready your postcard
    Love Great Aunty


    • Found it already aunty !!!! have a look in instagram photos i cant post it onto this reply!??


      • Great Aunty

        no, not the big one it is very small and only grows in certain areas of Tassie you’ll have to travel a bit further before you could see it
        Love Great Aunty


    • leonie morris

      Hi Xavier, loving your postcard and all your photo’s. You have seen so many animals, I wonder what else there will be to see on your travels.
      I think you were VERY brave to dive into the icy waters, especially after 8 weetbix, its a wonder you were able to come back up again with all that in your tummy!!!
      Hope to see some pics from your farmstay.
      Keep on enjoying yourself……….still 11 months tp go!!!
      Grandma and Grandpa xxx


  2. Toby bennett

    Hi Xavier Your braver than my mum because she has been to lake st Clair and no way would she jump in! I hope it’s fun doing it.
    The Christmas markets are coming up.
    How are you celebrating Christmas?
    We’re going to A restaurant for Christmas because mum is sick of washing up!
    From toby


  3. Mitch R

    Hi Xavier, Mitch here. Mrs Mellows helped me research your bones in science. We think they are hip or back legbones, maybe from a pademelon?
    I am collecting super animals too, but i have some spares i can send if you need them :77,23,37,47,56,66,73,74,92,105.Let me know if you need any of them and where i should send them.
    I am loving reading your blog, especially the mudholes and tassie devil ones. Wow you are so lucky to see a live tassie devil!
    Look forward to hearing from you again soon!


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