Postcard from Hannah

Hi Guys

I have been having a good time. I am going to Hobart soon and we are getting a special surprise and it is staying on a farm for two nights. Today we swam in the deepest lake in Australia, Lake St.Clair, also one of the coldest waters to be found. In Boat Harbour it looks like the water is crystal clear.

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In Burnie we got a special surprise looking for penguins and we found some. I saw the first penguin and it was a chick in its nest. The penguins were little penguins, or fairy penguins.  On the Spirit of Tasmania I saw the movie BoxTrolls. The movies were for free.

At Trial Harbour we saw my favourite animal. We saw a ……….Tasmanian Devil!!! It was so cute but it was awesome because Tasmanian Devils are endangered and I saw one. Luckily my Mum woke me up to see it.

Does anyone have any challenges for me or the family? I would love to hear from you

From Hannah


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5 thoughts on “Postcard from Hannah

  1. Hi Hannah, sounds like you are having lots of fun!
    Thank you so much for your lovely card! So pleased to hear you finally got to see a Tassie Devil!
    Thinking of you all, Mary


  2. leonie morris

    Hi Hannah,
    love your postcard, and all the pictures. Can’t believe DOG was able to go with you on the trip, is he enjoying himself???
    You have done so many exciting things, and you have only been away about a month. I wonder what else you will see and do.
    Don’t forget to help Mum if she needs it.
    lots and lots of love from Grandma and Grandpa xxx


  3. Great Aunty

    Dear Hannah,
    Here is a challenge just for you. I want you to find out what is written on the bridge in Ross and to take a photo. Glad you are having such a fun time
    Love Great Aunty


  4. Georgia and Joe Smith

    Hi Hannah and Oscar, we saw your blogs today at school and we thought they were really awesome and cool. This is a challenge from Joe to Oscar – catch a fish with a fishing rod and eat the fish. Please put photos on your blog. This is a challenge from Georgia to Hannah – if you see a platypus, please post a photo on your blog. Both of us miss you very much.
    Georgia and Joe Smith


  5. tessa

    hi hannah missing you i saw your blog at school and i want to be there i have a challenge for you catch a fish in every state and territory in aus from tessa


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