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It’s arrived – the TX-6 Camprite lands

The beautifully made Camprite TX-6 arrived today, with the NSW rep, Colin giving us the introduction, and showing us how everything works. We’re very happy. Given it is squeezed into the front yard it’s a bit tricky to get good photos but here are a few. A few people have already dropped in to check it out.

It took us about 15-20 minutes to put up once Colin had gone, and we’ll be practising many more times before we go. The logo stickers are now on the car so with 7 days to go things are falling into place. The next few days we’ll be packing then the fun will begin when we drive out of Sydney and start heading south.

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Trip Planning

My trusty Australian Geographic Map of Australia (for Travellers & Dreamers) is undergoing serious scrutiny at the moment. Even the kids are getting into it putting their suggestions on coloured post-it notes (one of Hannah’s suggestions – “Perth – lots of swans”)

Map of Australia for Travellers & Dreamers - to keep us focused.

Map of Australia for Travellers & Dreamers – to keep us focused.

We have 3 weeks planned in Tasmania from mid Nov, Christmas booked in Kangaroo Island, so we’re filling in the gaps between departure and January.¬†We’ll be starting the adventure in Green Patch, then a practice climb up Pigeon house mountain, before we make an assault on Mt Kosciuszko a couple of days later. That’s our first challenge, so if you have any others please send them in and we’ll consider them. Just remember we have 3 kids 6,7, and 8 and the challenge has to be done by all as a team.

From The Snowy Mountains we’ll be making our way to Wilson’s Promontory to do Challenge # 2 – to visit the most southerly point of the Mainland at South Point (guess what 3 other related challenges are?). That one might be a bit challenging getting the kids to hike 16km.

We then will head up the Great Ocean drive, through the Coorong, towards KI, with a few stops no doubt in the Coonawarra, for refreshments of the Cabernet variety.

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