Huonville to the end of the road

From Huonville we drove through Franklin and Geeveston and shortly afterwards the road became gravel once more. We passed through a few sleepy settlements, Lune River, Ida Bay, and Moss Glen before entering the campgrounds at Cockle Creek. This is the furthest south you can drive in Australia. Crossing the bridge into the National Park the road turns North for a kilometre then ends. A short walk takes you to an impressive sculpture of a Southern Right Whale. From here if you want to walk further south you can, but we took the short walk to Fisher Point, where the ruins of a cottage mark the point where a pilot used to reside. Back at Camp the Roaring Forties blew their best and showed us how bleak the weather can be.  The fresh oysters from the rocks were as large as I have ever seen and they tasted beautiful. Whilst there the winds blew, it rained and then the glimpses of sun we got showcased what a fabulous place the whole area of Recherche Bay is. It was still cold though, barely reaching 17 degrees during the day.

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One thought on “Huonville to the end of the road

  1. leonie morris

    Great pictures. Tasmania certainly is picturesque. I am sure you will all be glad to get back to some warmer weather without the wind though.
    Geoff tasted one of the huge oysters whilst he was going round Tasmania in the Franklin, but his cost him $100 (albeit for charity) not fresh off the rocks and free like yours were………I am sure they would have been beautiful.
    Love the whale sculpture.
    Good luck with the next week free camping, hope the weather improves for you, and then back on the Spirit, and heading for the mainland.
    Keep up the amazing pics and blog, so as we can follow and share your journey with you.
    love to all xxx


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