Postcard from Oscar

Postcard from Oscar

My favourite Place was huon valley farm because there was a cute baby goat called bertie. There was pig called may. She eats about 30 loaves of bred each day. I fed bertie sum melck with a bottel.

We also stayd in a place with horses and alpacas and we fed grass.

I am having a good time hope you will write to me soon

from Oscar

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One thought on “Postcard from Oscar

  1. leonie morris

    Hi Oscar,
    I love your postcard and it sounded like so much fun down on the farm. Fancy being a pig and eating 30 loaves of bread a day
    !!!! that would make you big and fat.
    Grandma and Grandma and missing you all sooo much. You are seeing so many exciting things, and different animals and you sound like you are having such an adventure.
    Just think, in a couple of weeks all your school work will be done and you will be on school holidays for a long time.
    Mummy says that you will be going back on the Spirit of Tasmania in about a week and will be back on the mainland and heading off to Kangaroo Island.
    What is going to happen whilst you are on Kangaroo Island………..IT WILL BE CHRISTMAS!!!! what a different Christmas you will have this year, and how exciting will it be?? I wonder what you will be doing?
    lots and lots of love from
    Grandpa and Grandma and Mollie xxxxxx


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