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Eddystone Point and Deep Creek

On the far eastern point of Tasmania, above the Bay of Fires, within Mt. William national park is Eddystone Point. Our new home was the Deep Creek campsite several kilometres away, where a handful of fishing shacks line the shoreline. A short walk from the campsite up the shallow creek takes you to a large deep pool that would be great in summer but given the weather we have been experiencing no-one was up for the challenge to jump in.

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A quick visit to the lighthouse built at the end of the 19th century was followed by a visit to nearby Larc beach. Recent storms had laid bountiful piles of seaweed on the beach, but on closer inspection one pile turned out to be a particularly gruesome seal carcass. The kids loved this, though were a little disappointed that it wasn’t a Thylacine (extinct Tasmanian Tiger). It was so badly decomposed all we saw at first were the big canine teeth and fur. With storm clouds approaching we had a quick look at the Bay of Fires beach, recommended as being one of the whitest sands to be found, before returning to camp. When we returned the following morning Xavier found a Hooded Plover nest with two eggs in it.

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Blue Tier Forest – Goblin Forest Walk

The Blue Tier forest reserve sits off the road between St. Helens and Weldborough, and has a number of walks but we couldn’t resist the name of one of Tasmania’s top 60 short walks. At around 750m high the hills were shrouded in cloud when we arrived. Entering the forest took us into a fairy tale world where branches and rocks were coated with lichens, ferns and mosses of all shapes and sizes. In some areas the ground even looked like it was coated with snow.

The boardwalk snakes through the humid forest, and wombat trails can be seen winding their way amongst the trees and fallen logs. We found some beautiful pink orchids on the forest floor but at this stage my lens decide to seize (and later a piece of metal fell out).

We chose to drive on along the road expecting it to take us out of the reserve but very soon we found ourselves on an increasingly challenging 4WD track. It was a bit late in the day to continue, especially without any phone coverage!

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