Final day in Croajingolong NP

Heading back west again and because Croajingolong had been such a pleasant surprise we took the 40km dirt road south from Cann River to Thurra Camp. The campspot was great, with a lot more spots, but again a pristine beach with few people, seals and whales, and Point Hicks lighthouse nearby, the first part of mainland spotted by Captain Cook in 1770, and named after the man who spotted it first.

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On Xavier’s birthday we walked up to the sand dunes, set back from the beach, where he found jaw bones of an animal we haven’t identified yet. We think bush rat or antechinus. Xavier also found many footprints in the sand and we found a pair of lyre birds in the forest too! After 10km of walking on his birthday he slept for 3 hours in the car!

Beetle making tracks

Beetle making tracks

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5 thoughts on “Final day in Croajingolong NP

  1. Kylie

    Happy Birthday Xavier – what an adventure! JKLM xxxx


  2. 3L

    Hi Xavier,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope you had a great day celebrating – the jaw bones looked like an amazing present.

    We saw the Goanna prints and were wondering if you actually got to see the Goanna.

    We love the pictures of all the birds you have seen, they are so colourful.

    We wonder how you managed to clear the cows off the road?

    How is your school going? What have you been learning?
    We would also like to know if you did anything spooky on Halloween.

    School here is going well, we have nearly finished DIPL which everyone is very excited about (especially Miss Shorter). We have also nearly finished our poetry books.

    We hope you’re having a great time and we can’t wait to see where you go next!

    Love 3L and Miss Shorter


    • Thanks no we did’nt see the goanna footprints but we did see goannas.My favorite birds are gang gang cookatoo, satin bower bird, king parrot and rosellas.There was a dog on the back of a ute rounding the bulls up over the road! We did’nt celebrate haloween we were camping in a free camp near pigeon house mountain.
      From xav


      • Catherine Sear

        Thought of you on your birthday, Xavier. What an interesting adventure for you all. I’m following your tracks, using an old copy of lonely planet. No need for Sydney Zoo any longer! You all look very fit, When are you due to cross to Taz. Good luck and love to everybody. GUK


  3. leonie

    hi Xav. so good to talk on your birthday, haven’t known you to be so talkative and interested to be telling us all the things you have seen, so you must be having a real adventure. Grandpa and I are so proud of you all, even Mummy made it, and Dad is looking very fit, who needs bike riding.
    You are all heading off on the boat to Tasmania tomorrow, and on to another new adventure.
    Lots and lots of love from us and Mollie too. xxx


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