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Final day in Croajingolong NP

Heading back west again and because Croajingolong had been such a pleasant surprise we took the 40km dirt road south from Cann River to Thurra Camp. The campspot was great, with a lot more spots, but again a pristine beach with few people, seals and whales, and Point Hicks lighthouse nearby, the first part of mainland spotted by Captain Cook in 1770, and named after the man who spotted it first.

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On Xavier’s birthday we walked up to the sand dunes, set back from the beach, where he found jaw bones of an animal we haven’t identified yet. We think bush rat or antechinus. Xavier also found many footprints in the sand and we found a pair of lyre birds in the forest too! After 10km of walking on his birthday he slept for 3 hours in the car!

Beetle making tracks

Beetle making tracks

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More from Croajingolong NP

The kids experienced a good old campfire enjoying toasted marshmallows for dessert. The smoke helped ward off the mosquitos, who were competing with the march flies for any exposed skin. Oscar suffered the worst, but everyone’s ankles were bitten by the morning.


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Croajingolong National Park

Heading East from Lakes Entrance we visited Croajingolong National Park. On the way we past the longest timber railway bridge near Obost. We had to stop for a couple of photos.

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Then on to our first stop Shipwreck Creek, 15km dirt road drive from the nearest town of Mallacoota. It was well worth the effort, as there are only a handful of camping spots in the woods, a pristine rugged beach only 300m away. A 3km walk through the forest, heathland, and scrub takes you to Seal Creek. The beaches are similar at both with creeks, dark with tannins,  forming lagoons behind the beach, and forest growing down to the beach. Being one of three key hotspots for biodiversity in in Victoria, once again we found birdlife in abundance and the spring flowers proliferated everywhere.

On Shipwreck Creek beach our peaceful solitude was broken one day by two helicopters flying in, landing for ten minutes then departing again!

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Lakes Entrance, Victoria

Another animal action day on the beach at Lakes Entrance. We took the 4km walk along the beach to the entrance to Gippsland Lakes, then back along the historic bushwalk on the northern side of the strip. Rusty relics lie in the bushes, winches used to build the seawall, timber posts that used to house bells, and much more besides. Seals and dolphins swam into ride the waves at the entrance, while a group of seals basked further out, sunning their flippers out of the water as they lay on their backs.

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