Postcards from Hannah and Xavier

Postcard from Xavier

Recently we arrived at Four Mile beach. We set up camp and walked to the beach. We all thought it was the best beach because at the start they saw a snake and when they got on the beach Dad and Mum found dried seadragons. The cool bit was that it was Valentine’s Day. Then the next day my Dad came to the beach with me and found his favourite animal dried. It’s a leafy seadragon, but its head fell off.

I wish I could go back soon.

Postcard from Hannah

Recently I have been across the Nullarbor. The first stop was Cactus beach. It was really nice and it was really good because we met some kids from Perlubie Beach and they were coming to Cactus beach. We were very lucky to get some friends to play with that we already knew. After Cactus we went to see Fowler Bay. We didn’t stay there, though we stayed somewhere nearby that was called Fowler Bay National Park. It was full with rubbish but we made sand dune houses out of sand. We had a factory, a toy world, and a caravan park. We mainly spent all of our time up in the dunes.

In Eucla we met a girl called Amber. She owned a park. She let us feed the chickens, the sheep, the geese and the horses. She even let me ride the horse, let me look at the  sheep, geese, and the chickens and horses. Amber has two horses and they are called Dolly and Matilda. We rode Dolly because she was a 20 year old pony and Matilda is a lot wilder than Dolly. My favourite horse was Dolly because we got to ride Dolly and feed Dolly.

Amber does school of the air. I would think it would be awesome to do school of the air.

We fed Matilda an apple and some horse biscuits. We only fed Dolly horse biscuits when Dolly was good and did what we said.

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6 thoughts on “Postcards from Hannah and Xavier

  1. Great Aunty

    Hi Hannah, Xavier & Oscar,
    Loved seeing your postcards, what a great whale bone, how big was it? I love seeing all your pictures and hearing your stories. Glad your catching up with friends you meet along the way again that is nice. Hannah I bet the horse riding was fun and I think school of the air would be fun too


  2. Elaine Slawski

    Looks like you guys are having THE most AWESOME adventure!! Oliver, Elliot and Claire love reading about all the things you are doing and looking at all the fantastic photos! Lots of love to you all. xxxxx The Slawski’s


  3. leonie morris

    Thank you Hannah and Xav for your postcards. So good to hear what you are doing and that you are having lots of fun and meeting lots of new friends, that you will hopefully catch up with again.
    Sounds like you made some pretty amazing things with the sand in the sand dunes too.
    I can’t believe some of the things you are finding on the beach as you go, wish I was there to collect it all with you.
    lots and lots of love from Grandma (and Grandpa and mollie of course) xxxx


  4. Sarah

    The Hewlett’s miss you all but can see you are having too much fun!!! Keep sending the postcards – a fab idea x


  5. Hi Xavier and Hannah, sounds like you are seeing lots of interesting places and doing some very interesting things.Living close to Four Mile beach must have been fun and finding a leafy sea dragon sounds fascinating.
    Weren’t you lucky Hannah to meet Amber! Sounds like her place is pretty cool with all those animals.
    Keep writing guys! Lots of love, Mary


    • Hi Mary
      We are all missing you. It’s getting cooler now so we will start heading north in a couple of days. Oscar will get a new rod but the seas have been a bit rough to fish recently. Hope all is well with you and the family
      Love from us all


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