Postcard from Oscar

A couple of days ago we were at Young River. We set up the camp and we decided to go fishing. I was excited to use my new fishing rod. We 4X4’d to the river and we saw kangaroos everywhere.

We threw our fishing rods out and you get bites in 5 seconds and then I felt a big bite and I pulled it in and it was a big black bream. It was 28cm long and it broke my rod. I was really sad.



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5 thoughts on “Postcard from Oscar

  1. leonie morris

    Hi Oz, great postcard to everyone thankyou xxx
    I know its really sad about your rod, but you must be such a good fisherman to be able to pull a BIG fish in with a broken rod!!!
    I am sure Mum and Dad will be able to do something for you towards getting a new rod. Sounds pretty amazing fishing if you were getting bites every 5 seconds, there must have been millions of fish in the river.
    Take care and happy fishing
    Love G and G xxx


  2. Great Aunty

    Hi Oscar,
    You are a great fisherperson, as grandma says with a broken rod, imagine what you could catch with a rod in one piece. Did you have the fish for dinner? Rich and I have been having some yummy fish that Grandpa Geoff catch it has been delicious. You are getting very tall. Love to all


    • Hi Great Aunty Sibby!
      Oscar did eat his fish and we will make sure he gets a stronger rod before we hit waters where the bigger fish are. We did see a couple of massive salmon caught yesterday so we maybe going out again soon


  3. Judy

    Oh Oscar, I’m sure you will get another rod and catch many fish. You are still so cute, miss you.


  4. Hi Oscar I have been catching up on all your posts. You look so grown up! Sad about your rod but you were so lucky to hook a 28cm black bream! Say hi to all the family and keep sending your postcards. lots of love, Maryxx


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