Back to the Coast again

Heading south again we decided to have a brief stop at Four Mile Beach in Fitzgerald River National Park. The ocean was angry so swimming was not on the agenda, but a spell of beachcombing definitely was. Walking down to the beach we encountered a small but very beautiful green snake with a brown head and black collar. Anyone who knows what it is please let us know.

To our surprise on the beach we then found two dead weedy sea dragons amongst the weed, and then the following morning we found a leafy sea dragon, most likely washed up in the recent rough seas.

Packing up the next day we headed back East to Quagi beach, a campsite nestled in thick Banksia scrub, with a few Eucalypts. The bird life here was incredible and we stayed for several days. We found more bee hives along the rocky shore, and I managed to get stung on the head by a particularly angry bee. A few days were spent here doing homework and slowing the pace down.

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6 thoughts on “Back to the Coast again

  1. leonie morris

    Good to hear you are back on the blog again. Missed it for a while. Love all the photo’s, did you get one of the snake you are talking about


    • Hi Leonie, yes getting internet reception is the challenge and with my dodgy computer battery it makes it hard. A breakthrough yesterday as I have now set up a 12v to 20v charger, solving my computer battery woes! Snake photos – will add on next blog


  2. Great Aunty

    Yes will look forward to seeing the snake photos. Also glad to see you are back on line, really missed hearing from you, the kids are maturing in each photo, great experience, they will never forget, congrats to you both.


  3. Hi Sear family! Thinking of you even though I don’t leave comments very often… John looks like Robinson Crusoe! Xavier, Hannah and Oscar look very happy and taller! It must be all the fresh air! It sounds like you are having some great experiences!
    Love your blog. Miss you all, lots of love from Mary and everyone at 68!


    • Hi Mocklers, hope all is well at your end and lovely to hear from you. Hope you have made a full recovery and have started training for the City to Surf! Love to you all from FiftyToes x


  4. Thanks Rae. Keep reading as there will be many more posts to come


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