Postcard from Xavier

Xavier's journal

Xavier’s journal

Busy day in Townsville!

We are dropping the dirty car off for a major service to get fixed. We dropped the car off and are in a pick-up car taking us to the fantastic Reef HQ. As we are paying we look at the baby saltwater crocodile (he’s so cute). Then we slowly stroll into the interesting dive show where they talk about animals, then goes to give cuddles, a tiny nurse shark, a big hug.

Then we keep walking through the aquarium when we notice the show at the Discovery Lagoon where we got to touch a rhinoceros seastar. It was bumpy. Then they showed us where its eye was. On its arms there is a tiny red dot that’s its eye.

After we watched the predator feeding and the coral exhibit full of fish.

Treeny the green turtle got a very good feed and even came a metre away from the tunnel.

Overall I recommend going to Reef HQ because I loved it.



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3 thoughts on “Postcard from Xavier

  1. Great Aunty

    Boy, this is great, you are all sending us a postcard. I guess Xavier it is nearly November and not long until your 10th Birthday. You really seemed to enjoy Reef HQ and it is very interesting to see all the things you have seen and what was special to you. Well done


  2. grandma

    Hi Xavier, thanks for your postcard, so good to hear from you. I can imagine how much you would have enjoyed Reef HQ as you love marine life and all the things that go with it.
    Cuddles the tiny grey nurse shark sounds cute, although I’m not sure I would give her a ‘cuddle’!!
    Is a rhinoceros seastar a starfish?
    I would have liked to haqve seen the green turtle, they are one of my favourites.
    It all sounds very exciting, and a pretty special day, worth going to drop the dirty car off!!!
    love Grandma


  3. Coralie Turner-Morris

    Keep the postcards coming Xavier, they are very interesting. x


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