Adelaide River – Jumping Crocodiles

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The lady waits patiently under the shade cloth cover
Sitting motionless in the oppressive midday heat
She knows the routine and waits silently watching.
In the distance she spots clouds of dust rising over the field
Metal boxes on wheels bring them closer
They exchange money for friendly pleasantries while they wait

The crocodiles sit patiently on the muddy river banks.
Lying motionless by the dirty Adelaide River
The sunshine on their backs warms them, ready for action.
They too know the routine well, and waiting is their forte

They await the boat’s engine spluttering to life and its vibration in the water
The floating metal box full of food approaches
They stir In response and slide into the water, approaching rapidly
A splash on the water triggers an innate hunting instinct
Meat dangled from a pole sits above their nose.

Rising from the dark and muddy depths these leviathans ascend obediently.
Seemly unnaturally, their primeval shapes keep coming out of the water
They know the routine, and soon enough they’ll grab the bait,
But as the boat passes their gaze remains on the real food
That remains in that metal box, neatly lined in rows

They’ll wait another million years if they need to
But for four to five times daily they’ll keep practicing their aerial skills
If it means one day they’ll get their prize.

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3 thoughts on “Adelaide River – Jumping Crocodiles

  1. Coralie Turner-Morris

    That is why you never sit in a tree overhanging a river to fish when they are around. Their tail is very powerful. Have fun x


  2. It is amazing how high they can jump out of the water!


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