Streaky Bay and heading north

From Murphy’s Haystacks we headed west towards the coast and took in the three scenic drives for the area. The first took us to the sealion colony at Point Labatt, then back up via Sceale Bay we drove the Westall Way loop drive that has a number of lookouts, Granites and Smooth Pools where a huge the promise of a huge ocean rock pool in the heat was very enticing. Unfortunately the strong south easterly breezes continued to blow and when we all got out of the car it didn’t seem such a good idea again.


Passing through the quiet, but attractive town of Streaky Bay the Cape Baer loop drive showcased some beautiful beaches, Hallys Beach being the standout. Whistling rocks were trying their hardest to perform, but the tide was not right to witness any action at the adjacent blowholes. In big swell the five holes in the ground must put on an impressive show but we missed out.

Back in Streaky Bay we finally got to see the replica Great White Shark in the roadhouse.

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Our destination for the night was Perlubie Beach and driving into a dusty carpark behind the beach our hearts sank. It looked average and while I tried to find a flat spot in the last viable spot we just parked and decide to check out the beach. Our spirits lifted again when we found the camping spots were actually on the beach, with cabana covers for sunshade. Sweeet!

School term is back in progress and we had found a great place to get the kids back into it.


Perlubie Beach Camp

Perlubie Beach Camp


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