Port Augusta and car conundrums

Ever since our car was serviced at Portside Mitsubishi the fuel consumption has gone from 15l / 100km to 17-20l / 100km.

We stopped at Port Augusta for a check up. The pre-filter had worked a treat and air filter was as good as new, so I had the fuel filter checked. Port Augusta Mitsubishi were excellent, provided us a loan car to visit Wadlata cultural centre while they had a look. The told us that the software had been upgraded (thanks Portside Mitsubishi for warning us) that results in degradation in fuel consumption. It wasn’t good to hear that it was not reversible either. I’m sure they could change a chip somewhere! Despite cleaning the oil filter fuel consumption still remains much poorer than previously. Anyone got any thoughts on this.

Nevertheless the Wadlata centre was very interesting covering aboriginal heritage and dreamtime stories in South Australia, through to the early explorers, Sturt, Eyre, and co, then on to more modern developments such as the European pioneer farmers, pushing the overland telegraph line and rail development, even through to modern mining. We spent several hours digesting it all and it was very hands on for the kids.

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5 thoughts on “Port Augusta and car conundrums

  1. leonie morris

    Oh dear, it sounds ridiculous that this cannot be altered.
    Don’t really have any helpful thoughts on this other than going to head office and asking if they have a solution.


  2. Nick

    This is exactly why I still run Windows 95.


  3. Jason McCulloch

    Do you guys ever get on the Pajeroclub forum? I would put a post on there and see if anyone has any solutions. We have got heaps of answers about our pajero on there.


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