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Leaving Adelaide

Adelaide was a very welcome change of pace. We spent some time on Glenelg beach with friends Amanda, Dan and their kids, and caught up with our new friends we met in Stokes Bay, James, Liz, and their kids. Xavier kept leaving items of clothing and hats behind (possibly intentional) so we kept returning to collect them giving the kids further time to catch up.

Kids at Stokes Bay, KI

Kids at Stokes Bay, KI

We needed to give the Pajero a 150,000km service and our close friend, Deb, from Sydney insisted we stay with he parents Michelle and Ken for our last two days as it was near the garage, and we were very grateful once again for the hospitality.

Pigs in Rundle St RundleStMall

Being close to the city we decided to visit some of the sights. Amanda was keen      to revisit Central Markets so that was our first stop in the city. Tasting the produce was the order of the day and with our senses tantalised we then caught the tram to Rundle St Mall, watched some buskers, and headed to the museum.

Adelaide museum has to be one of the best we have ever visited ! Not only is it free entry but the exhibits are immaculately presented. The kids even managed to get on a holiday session on how to prepare butterfly and insect specimens. They got to pin their own butterflies and take them home. Whilst they were doing this I explored the Aboriginal, and Pacific galleries. The kids loved all the South Australian fauna sections and the information centre was quite hands on with items to place under microscopes, live creatures and some extremely enthusiastic staff who were very interested in Xavier’s fossilised whale tooth, that unfortunately we had neglected to bring with us. They did think from the photos though that it could be a sperm whale.

Before we knew it the car was serviced and it was time to move on again

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