Coloured Sands

Sands from our trip

Sands from our trip

I found a bucket full of zip-lock bags in the garage at the weekend. Each bag was carefully filled with coloured sands from our trip.

The kids were excited to see them resurface, many of which had been squirreled into recesses in the trailer for some time. As we each only had limited space all got quite skillful at determining what they wanted to keep, and if required, tough decisions would be made to keep something or substitute it for a new arrival. Very precious finds would also be posted home every now and again!

The sands had made it and with some suitable jars a very attractive display resulted.

There is a saying that if you take sand or soil from a place you will be destined to return one day. Maybe that’s why so much came back with us!

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6 thoughts on “Coloured Sands

  1. I have been wanting to do this for ages. You have inspired me to do it!


  2. I love this, we plan to collect sand from our trip next year, ziplock bags is a great idea. I love the thought of it means you will go back someday, I will have to tell the kids, it may narrow their selection process, lol!!!


    • Keep the full ziplock backs in a bucket – just in case! If you have a story with colour of sand collected (and you will), then a jar of sands will re-tell those stories for years to come when you get home and look at them.
      Another thing to remember – if you take something you have to leave something too to retain a balance.


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