“Road Trip Activities #2 – Beachcombing”

With three inquisitive young children there’s nothing better to keep them occupied that a few hours beachcombing on a remote beach.

The excitement of finding some fascinating creatures in rock pools, animal tracks on the sand, sea-bird eggs concealed immaculately by their coloured camouflage alone, would find us relentlessly exploring one beach after another. Sometimes we would find a sad carcass abandoned by the ocean, seals, crocodiles, turtles, sea-dragons, even a dolphin, but more often a treasure would left for us to marvel at, the chambered nautilus shells, colourful starfish, shark’s eggs and shipwrecks.

Unknown objects often had to be researched and extended the education process.

Collections were often converted into natural works of art too, a sea-shell Christmas tree, kids art projects for school, or just random creations.

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One thought on ““Road Trip Activities #2 – Beachcombing”

  1. Sibby

    http://i0.poll.fm/js/rating/rating.jsLoved all of these, what great artistic skills


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