And so it ends….for now

I knew that once we crossed the border into NSW again psychologically everyone would be thinking of home, and once you do that travelling it’s hard to keep going. Across the border Amanda and I knew we could just drive home in a day, though neither of us aired it openly. We had had to kill a week getting home on a trip that would normally be done in a day. We had deliberately tried to take our minds off it by visiting people and getting to some more out of the way places but with a couple of days left it was increasingly hard to plan.

We had planned to visit Barrington Tops but some navigation errors saw us turning off towards Tom Creek, shortly after Mt Seaview, and before we knew it we were switch-backing our way, in 2WD, up a narrow unsealed road, over 1000m again. Once again the road less travelled rewarded us with magnificent views of remote farmland and national park forest but it wasn’t in the plan. At the end of the day we stopped overnight in Barrington, kicked a footie around to let off some steam and got to bed early.

Over 13 months since we had left Sydney, and 56,000km later we realised the next morning that it was time…..we couldn’t delay it any more, and with that we waved goodbye to the outback and the countryside and crawled back into the slow traffic that congests Sydney’s streets every day.

Arriving home again was a bittersweet experience. I knew Amanda needed to get back to see her family, and a fair bit of maintenance was required on the car and belongings, but it also meant the dream was over. The kids needed to invest some time re-acquainting with school friends too, so we arranged for them to attend the last two weeks.

Sydney Distance Education Primary School were fantastic with their support, understanding and flexibility with the teaching as we travelled. Often having no telephone reception for days, even weeks, created challenges but the kids teachers were always willing to adapt to our needs and this was appreciated. It wasn’t always easy as we found being on the move so often meant we didn’t get into a daily routine. Lack of that discipline made it more challenging for us and the kids.

Our Camprite trailer was a workhorse that never faltered, and with the support we got from Perth for a few minor things, on a couple of occasions, it was one less thing to worry about. Having a trailer that can be set-up and dismantled easily in under 5 minutes (I timed it) is great, particularly in adverse weather, and being able to house 2 adults and up to 4 kids in bunks off the ground (no worrying about snakes or crocs required) is something few camper trailers can provide.

The Mitsubishi Pajero did us proud too, never shying from its job to get us into remote and rough terrain, as far off the beaten track as I dared. The scratched and dented paintwork is testament to this and if anyone knows how to get rid of bulldust please let us know as even the interior has a red tint throughout.

Everyone asks “What was the favourite place?” so I might get Fifty Toes Walkabout members to answer the obvious questions in a few more blogs to follow – just in case you’re wondering, and if anyone has a burning question or two let me know and I’ll include them. Hope you enjoy the quick recap of some of the photos from some of the great places we visited.

Back home we can now start planning for the next trip, whilst looking for work, and who knows where that might be!

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12 thoughts on “And so it ends….for now

  1. Coralie Turner-Morris

    What an amazing journey. Loved all the stories and pictures (including this recap) over these past 13 months. And as you say, where will your next journey be? Merry Christmas and have a safe and Happy 2016. x


  2. Great Aunty

    I also think you are ALL AMAZING and I too am enormously grateful that you took us with you on this journey. I’m sure there was a large amount of work involved to keep us all informed but we have enjoyed every blog (without the red dust).


  3. Welcome home! You had an amazing trip that so many people dream of and good on you for making it a reality.


  4. Paul Mandl

    Your blog has read as a brilliant experience for your family and at the same time has been fun and interesting for your followers to enjoy, clearly there is a lot of photographic and writing skill invested. Thanks for the read.


  5. Hugh Moore

    Congrats guys on a successful trip, fantastic trip. You have inspired me to travel more.




  6. Carla Ivins

    What a wonderful adventure you have had and I have enjoyed following your journey since we met on the whale shark trip. Best wishes to you all. MERRY CHRISTMAS and look forward to sharing your next adventure.


    • Carla
      Thanks for the kind words. It’s nice to get feedback and we have met so many lovely people on the road amd have some great memories that will stay with us forever. The whalesharks were one of those special days.
      A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family


  7. grandma

    Wow, what an ending. You have all had the most amazing, and adventurous trip. It was very brave of you all to tackle it…………enormous expedition. I take my hat off to all of you, especially Amanda for coping with all the food preparation and being a mother, and you John for all your amazing work with the blog, and taking us along with you every step of the way.
    Thanks again guys, really really appreciate it


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