Unreported shark attacks along the south coast!

On our travels along the southern coastal bits of the country we have noticed an alarming number of shark attacks that go unreported. The evidence of these attacks can easily be found as the poor victims body parts are strewn across many of the beaches we have visited.

I have even personally witnessed one such attack in the water in Sydney and can report that luckily the victims are already deceased. The sharks are actually just doing their duty of cleaning up the dead carcasses of cuttlefish. Cuttlefish have a relatively short lifecycle usually only living 2-3 years. They breed and die shortly afterwards, providing a vital food source to any hungry scavengers. All that is left after the clean-up process is the brittle internal cuttlefish bone that can be found washed up on the beach. We have frequently found these cuttlefish bones bitten in half, or covered with shark teeth indentation marks (see photo).

Basically it is the case of nature taking its course and nothing sinister as the heading might have implied.

Victims of shark attacks

Victims of shark attacks


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2 thoughts on “Unreported shark attacks along the south coast!

  1. Shantelle

    We are leaving from perth for our lap next week. Might run into each other heading up the wa coast!


    • Hi Shantelle, we will be heading towards the Pinnacles mid next week. If you see us come and say hi. What setup have you got so we can lookout for you. Camprite have just set us up for the trip north – best customer experience anyone could hope for.


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