2 weeks left to pack up the house!

Here’s a picture of a fraction of our material belongings being stacked meticulously(?) into storage. It is a great opportunity to get rid of stuff that has been lying around for a while too. The flip side is trying to work out the minimum amount to take to last 12 months on the road. We’ve got to the stage where we think we have everything we need so can continue storage without the worry that we may have to go back in to retrieve something later.

The Camprite trailer arrives in the next few days when the focus will turn to packing whatever we can into it. Then we’ll have the “Oh heck” moment when we have to halve what we can take. I’m looking forward to the interesting discussions and justification surrounding what we have to take (I’ve already prepared mine).

Storage begins

Storage begins

Five of us will be living in a car and 4.5m trailer for the next 12 months together and I figure if we can survive the first month it should all get easier, but that could be the view through my rose-coloured specs!

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